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    Discrete Records.



      Discrete Records.


      I'm not a sophisticated user of FM Pro, I like it immensely, but some things are just not that obvious to me. In my list of Members, some are exempt from further dues because of longevity of service. Some members die and that also figures into having discrete records.

      Firstly I created a calculation field to calculate 50 years of service. Now I want to separate those who have achieved this from the "general" register. How can I do this?

      Secondly, I created fields for the dates of death o members. I need to remove these records from the "active" membership rolls but then keep them elsewhere for the purpose of reporting. How do I do that? 

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          they are all members... just keep in a members table and add the fields you need, and filter for the records you require...


          then work from the found set...


          ex... find all members with >= 50 yrs of service... or < 50




          find active vs inactive


          even add a deceased field if you like...