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discretionary hyphens; suppressing line breaks; misalignment with tabs

Question asked by RolfNoyer on Aug 4, 2012


discretionary hyphens; suppressing line breaks; misalignment with tabs


Hello —

Is there any way to enter a discretionary hyphen in a text field? By this I mean a hyphen which will be used only when necessary to fill more of a line of text when printed with left-aligned and right-aligned text? I have 2-column text aligned both right and left and do not want to have to go in and add hyphens where necessary and then remove them later if the text body should happen to change. This is no easy task in a 600 page document.

Second, is there any way to suppress line breaks inside a given text string? For example sometimes I have text strings that contain an angled bracket (unicode 3008). File Maker typesets the line breaking between the bracket and the expression to its left, which is not acceptable. How can I get around this problem? It breaks across other characters incorrectly (for my purposes) as well. It would be helpful if substrings of text could be treated as atomic -- no line breaks inside them.

Finally, I have noticed that when using tabs inside a text field with merged fields, sometimes a merged field which is positioned at a tab will not be flush left against the tab when the text is right-aligned and left-aligned as a whole. This problem arises only when the line of text is not very full of characters, so clearly the typesetting function is expanding the spaces so as to expand the text to fill the line. The problem seems to be that it also moves text away from tabs in the process, ruining the look of tab-aligned columns. Can this be fixed?

Thank you.