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Disk is full

Question asked by piper004 on Oct 6, 2009
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Disk is full


I am using Filemaker Pro 6 on Windows XP.  I have 30 of 75 gig free on my local drive and have only used 20 gig of 1 Tb on my external drive.  I am attempting to link the files on the external drive to Filemaker Pro 6.  The Filemaker Pro 6 database file takes up 2 GB on my local hard drive.  I have successfully linked thousands of files through the following steps:


Under the field "records", right click on the empty box.  Click "Insert Object."  Click "Create from New."  Click "Link."  Click "Browse" and select source file from external drive.  Click "Ok."  


Now I am getting the following message:


The disk is full or the maximum size for this file has been reached.  Click Continue to search for more room within the file.  Click Exit to exit Filemaker.


Please tell me what I need to do to correct this problem.