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Dispatch services - Maintenance - Project management

Question asked by MacCrollman on Feb 19, 2012
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Dispatch services - Maintenance - Project management


i'm sure this has been discussed in detail, but i can't seem to figure out the proper search terms.


i'm looking for a pre-built solution for the following small business (i have FM Pro 11 Advanced):

- i'll have multiple "customers" (franchise owners) who own restaurants, shops, doctor's offices..

- i provide maintenance services for these customers by sub-contracting to other "vendors" which i will pay directly.

- i'll bill the "customer's" for the work that my "vendors" complete.

- i'll also be selling material to my "vendors" that i purchase from "suppliers"



- i'll have multiple "dispatches" going per day and will be biling the "customer" based on actual time spent on site and i need a "dashboard" that shows everything that's schedueld for the day, week, month...

-will need to complete weekly billing, invoice approval, sending purchase orders, track shipping and all the other good stuff that goes along with it.



-if anyone else is familiar with this type of database, what search terms should i use to find more detailed information, or even to find pre-built databases?

i've tried searching, "dispatch services", "field services", "project management" and things similar to that, but haven't really found exactly what i'm looking for.


i'm a newby here, so...