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      Display  Issues


      We recently upgraded to the new version of File Maker and when we view our file on a PC we get columns full of "$0.00". When viewed on a Mac (database was developed on a Mac) the numbers show up. Is there a setting we can change on our PC to make these numbers appears or is it a bigger issue than that? See attached image for example. Thanks :)


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          It's a bigger issue than that. FileMaker files are designed to function interchangeably on either system. I have routinely design on one and installed the solution on another for years. Many sites have mac and windows machines that share the same exact database.

          You'll need to study the design of your file to see what isn't working correctly. Any chance your solution refers to data from another file that isn't accessible to the copy on your windows systems?

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            The solution just refers to numbers that are in that particular file. It's really hard to explain because I am not super familiar with FileMaker but when I have the file open and click on a box with "$0.00" in it the number appears but when I click off that box it goes back to "$0.00". I am at a loss of what to do...

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              I'm afraid you'll have to do some more sleuthing to figure this one out.

              If there was a ? in those fields, the answer would be simple as Windows systems require slightly more vertical and horizontal space to display text than does a Mac system. Thus some small layout adjustments are needed to get a layout designed on a Mac system to look correct on a windows system. In those cases, simply adjusting the field to make it a few pixels wider takes care of the issue, but that does not appear to be the case here...

              Is the file located on the machine where you captured this screen shot or is it hosted from another computer?

              Open manage | Database | Fields and find their field definitions to see if there is something unusual here that would explain what you see. If this is a database that is hosted from another computer, check to see if there is any global field involved here. See if these fields come from a different table than the current layout's table that you'll find listed in Show Records From in Layout setup...