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Display 2 different records from table A on a related table B

Question asked by ShawnAmann on Jul 29, 2010
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Display 2 different records from table A on a related table B


I have a table called addresses with all the addresses from our organization. 

On my Purchase order table (Table A)/layout a have a field called billing_address that will use the location names from the address table (Table B) as a value list. After selected I populate a set of merge fields on the Purchase order layout with the street, city etc from the record selected. Thats all good and fine. 

I want to add shipping address info as well. These addresses come from the same address table (Table B). The problem is that no matter what address I select in my shipping_address field which uses the address location as a value list once again the merge field will still show whats in the billing_address field. 

Not really sure how to proceed with this. I though about making clone fields for each of the address information e.g steet1 being a calculation field = street. Then use street1 in the merge field for the shipping address to be able to display that. Any other slick ways I might be missing?