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Display a 2 dimensional array of values from a narrow table

Question asked by GregLeibel on Jan 12, 2014
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Display a 2 dimensional array of values from a narrow table


     I have been trying unsuccessfully to develop a report for classroom attendance like this:
     Class Subject
     Class Timeslot (eg. Mondays@9:30)
                    Date1 Date2 Date3 Date4 etc.
     Name1    Att1.1 Att1.2 Att1.3 Att1.4 etc.
     Name2    Att2.1 Att2.2 Att2.3 Att2.4 etc.
     Name3    etc...
     The relationships are:
     So a person belongs to a class by attending all of the dates, and the Attendance table registers the person and their attendance records for those class dates.
     Could you please help me? I can't seem to work out how to make the report trigger the next Attendance field horizontally across the page with the Date as the heading. Printing the Dates using the Name as a subheading is easy, but displays vertically, rather than horizontally, so it wastes a lot of the page.
     The Attendance table, it is very narrow, with only the ClassDate, Name and Attendance being critical to this report.
     Just to further complicate things, while a person usually attends all dates, it is possible for a person to only attend one date, so the other columns could be blank. Alternatively, I could have a script populate them with blanks. I'm easy either way.
     Any help would be greatly appreciated!
     Many thanks,
     Greg Leibel