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Display A Found Set In A Portal

Question asked by SteveFransen_1 on Aug 15, 2014
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Display A Found Set In A Portal


     I've read a number of threads on found sets and portals but am still having trouble with a specific problem.

     To illustrate this I started with a new copy of the FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.0v3 "Invoices" starter solution. I created a new invoice and added one customer ("Vehicle Supply Inc" company name) and four products ("Car" manufactured by "Ford", "Car" manufactured by "Porsche", "Truck" manufactured by "Mercedes", and "Van" manufactured by "Chevy").

     I'd attach the database file at this state but I'm not sure if that's permitted here.

     Imagine this invoice includes hundreds of products. How can I change the portal on the "Invoice Details" layout to display a found set of products that meet multiple criteria that are set using a script attached to a button or script trigger?

     For example, in the portal I may want to see only "Car" products and exclude "Van" and "Truck" products. Or maybe I only want to see "Car" products manufactured by "Porsche".