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    Display a List of Found Set for Navigation



      Display a List of Found Set for Navigation


      I have a contact management solution that I am working on with a contact entry form and a portal of those records (table occurance of the contact table) that allows for quick navigation through the contacts by name. I've created a new layout which is a find layout, and I am wondering if there is a way to create a list of contacts in the found set (just like my portal in browse mode) that will allow for navigation to the related record within the found set. Is this possible? 


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          You can do this with a list or table view of your found records. You can also pop this list of found records in a small floating window where the user can click a record to select it. (You can format your fields in this layout as buttons just like your portal.)

          What's a lot trickier to do is to display this list in a portal. That would take a fair amount of scripting to support unless your finds are only limited to specific criteria that can be replicated in a relationship.