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    Display a list of records in a layout.



      Display a list of records in a layout.


      Hi. I dont see this being possible but on my 'home' layout I would like to show a list of 10 or so records which were created most recently.

      I have a field with the creation dates generated for all the products but is there anyway to show a list in a browse mode layout like you might see on a website. e.g. New Products.

      Many Thanks,


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          Hi Chris

          Yes, you can create a new layout which base table will be your current table and during creation the dialouge box will prompt you to choose which view you want. At that time you can check only List view. You can add a global Date field which should return current Date.To show all the recent products you have entered you can draw a Self relationship with that table by joining the global Date field with the Creation date. Now the fields of new list view layout should based on of that relationship table. 

          ---->  Establish Relationship    Table::zg_Orderdate=TO of Table::Creatondate

          ------> Create new layout of List view base table Table

          ------> Put fields from that Relationship table.

          Hope it will solve ou problem

          Thanks Dillip

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            Even without adding a new field, you could create a self-ralationship by a surely not empty field ( may be the ID ) using the cartesian operator ( X ), sort the relationship by date descending and placing a portal of 10 rows on that layout.