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Display all values for a field/value list/calculated field

Question asked by Jim1 on Aug 4, 2010
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Display all values for a field/value list/calculated field


I hope someone can help me.  I'd like to display the content of a specific field on my layout, but I need to show that content for all records in that table.

For example, I have a field called "Rates" and in that table I have records that start with $25 and end with $700.  Can I display all content from "Rates" on a new layout?

(New layout would display: $25  $50  $75, etc.)

Also, I have a calculated field that takes the value of the "Rates" field to show a "sub rate", for lack of a better term. Can I do the same with that?

The layout would display $2.30  $2.88  $3.46, etc.  Those are calculations based on $25 $50 $75, etc.

I'm trying to create a grid that lists the rates and sub rates below them.

I tried creating a value list based on the rates field, but I can't figure out how to show the entire list without making it a pop up or drop down.  The other problem I'm having with that is that I can't create a value list based on a calculated field, so I'd still run into issues with the sub rates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!