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Display and print missing parts of fields

Question asked by mark.muse on May 12, 2010


Display and print missing parts of fields


FM Pro 10.3; FM Server 9.1 (FMS9 for sure, not sure how you can tell what flavor of 9); running on ethernet LAN. The database is a large, sprawling system comprised of 20+ related files. About 20 users, one Windows user, everyone else using different versions of Mac OS X.


The individual experiencing problems is using Mac OS 10.6.3. A number of users are using this same version of the OS including me, yer humble developer and admin of said system. The server is running on Mac OS 10.6.3.


The problems exists for this user only. The problems are as follows:


1. Sometimes the contents of fields are not visible in browse mode. . .  not all fields, most are visible. The problem is intermittent and appears to be random, including which fields exhibit the problem.

2. When entering data, sometimes field pop-ups displaying the contents of a value list are blank. A selection can still be made, and sometimes the selection is visible in the field. This problem is intermittent and might involve any field that uses a pop-up for data entry. 

3. When this user prints from the database, sometimes the contents or partial contents of a few fields are blank.


The necessary fonts are installed on this computer. I have changed FM font preferences several times on this computer with no impact on the problems. I have changed the font on one layout several times, again with no impact on the problems. I have tried using TrueType and Type 1 fonts on this one layout with no impact on the problem. And again, it is only this one computer that is having this problem. I have other users using the same OS version and hardware configuration with no problem at all.


I am stumped. I have not had FM removed and reinstalled yet because I have to have IT do that for us, but that is next. I was also thinking about having this user log in from my computer to see if it is related to user privileges and access (do they become corrupt?). And I will long on to her computer as me to see if I experience the same.


Any ideas are most welcome. Thanks.