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Display Checkbox list in a Portal

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on Dec 4, 2013
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Display Checkbox list in a Portal



     I am using a portal to display the list of rooms related to a certain Floor Level. I have two tables linked

     Floor Level

     - KP_ID

     - Name


     - KP_ID

     - Name

     - Surface

     - FK_Level ID


     The portal looks fine but I am trying to display another portal that will show additional date on the rooms the user selected. The third table links the Room_ID from the Rooms Table with the Room_ID of that third table which has other info such capacities by configuration style. 

     In the portal I have created, the rooms belonging to a level are displayed as checkboxes but I have more than one check box on one line. 

     I would like to have ONE  RECORD with the checkbox sign next to it BY ROW. 

     Could you please help?


     Many Thanks