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Display data from Multiple relational databases

Question asked by user14691 on Jul 28, 2009
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Display data from Multiple relational databases


I am working on setting up a database that has the following relationships:



Table 1: Team --> manager office, owners office, staff office

Table 2: Individual members --> manager, owner, staff


I am working on printing out a report that shows the teams that are in each league, then each of the offices in that league, and then would like to have below each office a list of the people from that location.


I am using Filemaker 10 and so far have set up a portal field that displays all of the records from table 1 that are in that league.


The portal field then sorts people by Team, then by office address (for example oakland A's is the team, then it list their managers office in the first row, owners office in the second etc)


Now I need to figure out how under each office address I can diplay the individual members name from table 2 that is located at that office....


Any suggestions on a way to do this?