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display data in table format inside a FMpro 13 field

Question asked by MarkusJungmann on Feb 13, 2015
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display data in table format inside a FMpro 13 field


I have designed a database for glaze recipes. Part of the information I want to record is a chemical analysis, which I can generate in another software, that is displaying it in a simple table format. 3 columns 10 rows format. I have to record a couple of 100 of them and in the previous db software I used I could copy the entire table and paste it into a field of the matching record. In a text field in FMpro13 all formatting is stripped and all data are being displayed in sequence which makes it hard to read. In a container field the formating is entered but no individual data can be copied of the information, it becomes a block.   Is there a way of having a field displaying a small table say 15 to 20 fields in 3 columns? or if I made fields for each of the values from the table to quickly add  / copy data from a spreadsheet table into individual records. Or could I link a spreadsheet where I could paste the individual analysis data into that then would be linked to show the data in individual fields in each of the records? I will very much appreciate some advice. Thanks for reading through all of this. Cheers Markus