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Display fields based on value of another field

Question asked by TylerWray on Feb 4, 2014
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Display fields based on value of another field


     Hi, everybody. 

     I'm a newbie (like 98% of others here) using FM10 to develop a calendar-based survey tool for use in conducting research (I do public health research). Basically, the idea is that users are presented with a calendar of the last 30 days and they click on each day and answer questions about their behavior on each day. Ultimately, I'll need to have fields for each question within each day. I've been able to construct the calendar so far (using a pretty brutish method), and this basically uses buttons to call up a separate layout for each day that has day-specific fields in it. But, I'd like to be able to only display certain questions based on responses to other questions on the same day. For example, if I had a field storing how many drug use occasions a user had on a given day, I'd like to be able to present a set of questions about each occasion (whether that was 2 or 0). Anybody have any ideas about how I might accomplish this? 

     I've attached my work-in-progress. Please excuse the mess, as I'm uploading it mid-stream!