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Display FMSA data in iWeb page?

Question asked by Kundinger on May 6, 2009
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Display FMSA data in iWeb page?


Hi All,
I have a client that uses FMSA to display web content with IWP...  WORKS GREAT!!!  They also generate some static web pages using Apple's iWeb 'web page generator'...  also WORKS GREAT!!!
This client would like to have a simple static iWeb page that displays 3 fields of 12 records from a FM database hosted on FMSA.  This would be similar to a 3 column, 12 row HTML table.
Is this possible without CWP?
Currently, I have FMP generate an export file from the FMSA database.  This export file has the html table code and FM data that is then 'pasted' into an iWeb HTML Snippet.  This functions okay but does involve some human interaction.  I would like to have the iWeb HTML Snippet automatically 'query' the FM database for the content.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...