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Display found count in a layout?

Question asked by ienalpe28 on Jul 31, 2014
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Display found count in a layout?


     Hi I am creating a solution that will get the number of found count and display it in a layout.

     For example I have a field "class" and the class field has a 5 records like

     record 1 = a
     record 2 = c
     record 3 = b
     record 4 = c
     record 5 = c

     What i did is create a field "totalclasscount" which is a calculation and in the calculation is this

     if ( class = "c";
     get (foundcount))

     I put the field "totalclasscount" in the layout, the result should be "3" but I am not getting the result. I tried unstored but still no luck but i discovered that when a press perform find and type "c" in the class field it is displaying the result because I perform find.

     How can I perform find in the calculation?

     another question is what if I want to display more than one number of found count in the same layout? Like I want to know how many records found in other field and not just in class field but it should display in the same layout.

     The purpose of this is for report. I hope you guys get what I am trying to achieve, Sorry I'm still in the process learning filemaker. Thanks in advance.