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Display from related records

Question asked by symbister on Feb 14, 2012
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Display from related records


Apologies in advance if this has been handled before - wasn't sure how to search for this particular problem in previous posts.

running FMP11 on Mac OS 10.5, served from FMS8.

I have picacontax---<contact_event>---events with contact_event keyed on Event_ID and Contact_ID and storing Invited Yes/No; RSVP Yes/No; Attended Yes/No, and a text field with notes.

I have a portal on the contact's record displaying that contact's history of events they have been invited to, have RSVP'd, have attended and any note relating to that connection.

all well and good, but now I'd like to display/print a list of those contacts who have RSVP'ed to a particular event, with the note relative to that contact.

So a script prompts the user to enter an Event_ID for a particular event they want to see a report of RSVP's, finds the event, retrieves the title into a variable then goes to the contact_event table, finds records that match the Event_ID and have RSVP tagged 'Yes'. (Contact_Event::RSVP is stored with Value List either Yes or No.)

RSVP layout is a list view, based on contact_event, with a fullname from picacontax, RSVP and note field from contact_event.

Yes this works, but now I want to extend it to capture all non-blank RSVP's, whether Yes or No, and then sort on that field, just can't get this happening..

How to Set Field to find non-blank? I've tried constraining found set to omit Contact_Event:RSVP = empty string.

script screenshot attached, any help appreciated. (haven't built in error capturing etc yet)..