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Display full text in field in Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by Blackwk on Dec 10, 2008
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Display full text in field in Instant Web Publishing


I very much prefer the display of full field data in Instant Web Publishing that is done in versions 4 and 5.5 by choosing the table layout of "all fields (no layout)" when setting up views in the Web Companion. I would like to move up to 9, but there seems no way to specify "all fields (no layout)". I tried exports. Full field data is displayed in the html and dbf exports, but that's outside of FM Pro.
When full field data is displayed (this was called "vertical stretch" in dBase), you don't have to click on fields to see what might be hidden there; you can print all the data using table view; and your browser provides an alternative searching tool.
If there is a way in Instant Web Publishing to display full field data for 9, is there also a way within 9? I don't see that in 4 or 5.5.