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    Display full text in fields



      Display full text in fields



      I am a complete beginner, so please bear with me. I am evaluating FileMaker Pro to help me keep track of research notes for a book project. My project requires me to track approximately 150 different tourist sites. I currently keep this information in an Excel spreadsheet, but I'm looking to move it into a database, so I'm evaluating FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, and Alpha Five. So far, FileMaker Pro has been the easiest to use, but I'm running into one big problem that I can't figure out how to solve. Here are the details:

      When I import my spreadsheet into FM Pro, it sets a width for each field. The problem is that some of my fields are longer, especially my "Notes" field. The result is that the various views do not show the full text of these longer fields. I can see the contents of the full field if I click on the field in Layout view, for example, but I want to be able to see the full contents without having to do this. At the very least, I would like to be able to see the full text in a Preview view.

      I have searched through the knowledgebase but I haven't been able to figure things out yet. I'd really appreciate any guidance for how to configure the database to show what I want. I know it must be possible, since the sample databases have some long free-form text fields. But I'm not sure what those databases are doing differently from mine.



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          Set your layout up for list or form view. Enter layout mode and click one of the fields that are too small so you get the little black box "selection handles" on the corners of the field. Drag these boxes to make the field larger. Make these fields so large you can have confidence that even the longest block of text you might import is visible. You can also specify the size and position of a field in the Position tab of the inspector. If you click on the units twice to cycle them to the Pixels setting, this can be a good way to make small changes to size or position.

          While you have this field selected, and the Inspector on the position tab, go down to the sliding and visibility section and select "sliding up" and "resize enclosing part". If you have fields or other objects below or along side this field, give them the same settings. Sliding is only visible in preview and when you print your layout. You may want two layouts--one for printing and one for editing since you can edit the data on a layout where the fields aren't so tall. On the edit layout, you may want to enable the scroll bar option on the field. That's an option you can choose for a selected field in the control style section of the Inspector's Data tab.

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            PhilModJunk, thank you so much for your answer! That worked!

            For complete beginners, I would also add the following advice:

            1) You may have to extend the overall size of the page to fit your expanded field. Just drag the line at the bottom of the layout.

            2) Don't widen the field past the vertical dotted line, or you won't be able to see all your text in Preview mode. It took me a minute to figure that one out!

            Thanks again for your help.


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              Two notes to add to yours:

              The vertical line is placed by filemaker based on your current printer settings. Using page or printer setup to specify different page size or orientation accordingly and you'll see the results change in preview and the line's position will change in layout mode.

              With this type of report, I often write a script that finds the data, sorts it, enters preview mode and pauses. Continuing the script returns the user to browse mode and whatever layout they started from. While paused in preview mode the user can select Print from the File menu to print the previewed report if they want. They also can change printer settings to whatever they need at the same time.