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           I know that there is a few different, ok MANY forum posts on how to display and image based on the value of a field. Sorry to do this to everyone however I need some major handholding wizzard like walk through

           I have a field that performs a % calculation based an the value from two other fields in the same table:
sf_sum_aco_percent   ==calculation==  Round ( sf_sum / sf_sum_possible * 100 ; 1 )

           I would like to display and image based on the results from this calculation:
IF (sf_sum_aco_percent ≤ 20 then display sad_face 
IF (sf_sum_aco_percent ≥  20.1  and ≤ 65 then display emotionless_face 
IF (sf_sum_aco_percent ≥ 65.1 then display happy_face 

Not sure where the calculation needs to reside i.e. on empty container field, 3 seperate containers fields containing all three images then displaying UGGHHHH.

           Ive seen this done with transparent tabs but don't understand the complete process for setting it up. Another example was to create a separate table with all 3 images with the primary table and inserting the value etc....

           Any specific help on how to d this would be appreciated and incredibly helpful.

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               Define three global fields: gHappy, gSad, gNone.

               Insert your pictures into these three global fields. If this field is hosted over a network, do this from the host--you will need to take the file down of the server and open it with FileMaker Pro if you are using Server to host the file.

               Define this calculation field

               Case ( sf_sum_aco_percent ≤ 20 ; YourTable::gSad ;
                          sf_sum_aco_percent ≤ 65 ; YourTable::gNone ;
                          YourTable::gHappy )

               Select Container as the return type for this calculation field.

               Put this field on your layout.

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                 Ok I tried all that and unfortunately the the images are not displaying. and im wondering if there a check box that needs to be checked in order to tget this to work. Here is what i have:

                 Created 3 global container's and populated them with the correct images via the layout page. I am not hosting Filemaker so the images are currently on my desktop. I then created a calculation container. In doing this I created ACOStatusImage by first seting the field as a text field so that I could include the calculation, after adding the calculation I then switched it to Cotainer. 

                 The calcualtion can be seen below. 


                 Here are the results. Every record is displaying the gACOPoor image however there are several records where the gACOExcellent or gACOGood should be displayed. sf_sum_aco_percent = ACO Rediness illustarted below. I have verified that each global container does have the appropriate image listed


                 Should be displaying a sunshine


                 Shouls be displaying partly sunny skies


                 Is displaying stormy weather



                 Here is the setting for each global field:


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                   make this a field of type calculation, not an auto-entered calculation on a container field.

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                     Im assuming you mean the ACOStatusImage field. 

                     If I make it strictly a calculation type and place is on the layout how will an image be displayed with it being of type container? Setting it as a calculation field did not make it work.

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                       I also specified that you select "container" as the result type. See the drop down for that in the lower left corner of Specify Calculation?

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                         Sorry Phil I didn't know where you meant but I do now. Works great and thank you!!!!