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Question asked by netguykb on Feb 27, 2013
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     I know that there is a few different, ok MANY forum posts on how to display and image based on the value of a field. Sorry to do this to everyone however I need some major handholding wizzard like walk through

     I have a field that performs a % calculation based an the value from two other fields in the same table:
sf_sum_aco_percent   ==calculation==  Round ( sf_sum / sf_sum_possible * 100 ; 1 )

     I would like to display and image based on the results from this calculation:
IF (sf_sum_aco_percent ≤ 20 then display sad_face 
IF (sf_sum_aco_percent ≥  20.1  and ≤ 65 then display emotionless_face 
IF (sf_sum_aco_percent ≥ 65.1 then display happy_face 

Not sure where the calculation needs to reside i.e. on empty container field, 3 seperate containers fields containing all three images then displaying UGGHHHH.

     Ive seen this done with transparent tabs but don't understand the complete process for setting it up. Another example was to create a separate table with all 3 images with the primary table and inserting the value etc....

     Any specific help on how to d this would be appreciated and incredibly helpful.