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    Display in list view



      Display in list view


           I would like to know how to display a certain way in list view.  I believe it may take an additional relationship.

           Let's say I have a table that has a list of employees, their manager name and a grade.  The grade is extracted from fields in two other tables.  Grade is a calculated field.  I would like to display a list of managers and their employee's average grade without displaying the employee names.  

           Manager 1 - His employee average grade
           Manager 2 - His employee average grade

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               This can be done from a table of managers, where you'd have one record for each manager...

               Or you can use your table of employees, but replace the body layout part with a sub summary layout part "when sorted by" the manager field. Summary fields placed in this sub summary part may be able to report your average grade--if there is a grade field defined in this employees table. You may need to add a calcualtion feld if the grade is computed elsewhere, that copies this value into the employees table so that a summary field can average it.

               Please note that such a layout will be blank unless the records are sorted by the "sorted by" field of your sub summary layout part.