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Display issue in runtime solution every 30 days

Question asked by mgreenlees on May 30, 2013


Display issue in runtime solution every 30 days


     I have a solution that experiences a display issue every 30 days where the normally dark grey background turns very light gray and the and background and sides become fuzzy and pixelated. All information and other colors (field colors, text colors, images, etc) is unaffected.

     More information: The solution was built on Windows 7 and runs on XP. It displays in kiosk mode on dual monitors and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is only a display application - no users interact with it or enter data. It is running a basic script that toggles between 2 screens every ten seconds. The data displayed is in list view and is sorted. It was not bound but rather all the files were transferred to the XP machine and placed on the Desktop. It's only been running four months and this is the third time it's happened. I've gone back and looked and, strangely enough, it seems to happen every 30 days. The fix so far is to restart the application, which fixes the problem (for the next 30 days).

     I'm not sure if it's a kiosk mode problem, a runtime problem, something to do with not binding the solution, a script problem, if Filemaker runtimes are not meant to run continuously for months at a time, etc. I'm hoping someone might have seen a similar problem before and can point me in the right direction. Thanks!