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Display items from same table in tabbed layout

Question asked by ScottJames_1 on Apr 7, 2015
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Display items from same table in tabbed layout


Hi, I am new to using Filemaker Pro and appreciate any assistance even if it's directing me to a more suitable forum for such issues. 

I have a table with dog details on it. Each dog has a serial no ID. I wish to display other dogs from the same table on the layout as 'related dogs'. I want to display the picture and the name but cannot find a way to do this. 

For example: Dog 1 has a picture and other details shown on the first tab and another tab named 'Related' features the pictures and names of dogs 7 & 12.

Eventually, I will want to add the ability to click through to the featured dogs from this tab.

In the relationships area of 'Manage Database' it wants me to create another instance of the same table (I'm guessing this is to prevent a feedback loop) I have done this but cannot figure out how to display the related dogs. I can get the names to appear but the picture field shows the main dog's picture again...

If anyone can offer any help I'd be very grateful.

Many Thanks,