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    Display last record entered only



      Display last record entered only


      I have a related table where the user can enter multiple records. I would like to use the date last modified in the record in the many table to display only the last record entered for the one to many table relationship?



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          Option 1: Open Manage | Database | Relationships and find this relationship in the graph. Double click the relationship line and specify a sort order that sorts by modification date in descending order. Then, if you place fields from your related field on a layout based on the other table, you'll see data from only the most recent record.

          Option 2: Same idea, but use a portal and specify this sort order in the portal. This portal can be set to display just one portal row.

          Option3: the Last() function can be used in a calculation to refer to the last related record. Thus, you can define calculation fields in your parent table that display data from the last related record.