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    Display lines as columns?



      Display lines as columns?


      Hi experts,

      For different years (in lines - 1 record per year), I have numbers in different columns.

      I would now like to show this info with the years as "columns" and thus see the different column information each between each other.  Most of the columns are calculated fields but some should be data entry as they are used for calculations.

      How could I achieve this, maybe using multiple portals?

      Thanks in advance for your input!
      Kind regards,


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          Yes, multiple portals will work; but it's really multiple instances of one portal. First you need a relationship which matches the years; most likely a self relationship, but could be from a "global" table also. The relationship should likely match all years (records), so could use the "x" match (I don't remember the name)*. I don't know how may years you've got nor want to see. If less than all, then likely calculation (unstored) producing years, from current, misuse the number of instances of the portal.

          All the instances of the portal use the same relationship. You'd just change the "Initial row", 1, then 2, then 3, etc.. Since you've only got 1 record per year, the "Number of rows" would be 1 in all cases. 

          You'd then make each instance of the portal tall enough to fit your fields into, each above the next. If a field is made enterable in Browse mode you could enter into it. You would not want them enterable in Find mode, in such a case.

          * I don't always (often) remember names of things. I have a problem called Aphasia, from a stroke 3 years ago. I have trouble reading; writing is much better, but often questionable. Fortunately I know how to tell the (Mac) computer to "speak" the words. I can understand almost 95% of what I hear. Hopefully what I type makes sense.

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            Hi Fenton Jones, 

            Thank you very much for your answer!  Even with my very limited FM knowledge, I think that I understand how I could make it work.
            Am I correct saying that I will basically have 1 "portal" per cell?

            Two questions related to this :
            I have table A that is linked to table B that is linked to table C.  A to B is 1to1 and B to C is 1toMany.  Table C is holding the financial data that should be shown in columns (per year).  When creating a new record in table A, I would like to also automatically create the corresponding record in B and 5 records in table C (number of years for which I would like to provide/show data.

            For the moment, I have a simple button in my layout that creates a new record for table A which also creates the corresponding record in table B.  If I want now also to create the 5 records in table C, I suppose that my "simple button" will have to become a script?  
            Any idea what is the best way to set this up?

            Based on a date/year that is specified in table B (using data entry), I would also like to have the 5 years populated in table C (Y1 = year of table B, Y2 = B+1, etc.).  What would also be your approach for that?

            Thanks again for your input!