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Display Many Records on a Layout Based on the "One" Side

Question asked by jkostenbader on Mar 6, 2014
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Display Many Records on a Layout Based on the "One" Side


     title is a little confusing but didn't really know how to phrase it. What i'd like to do is display a dashboard of sorts. There are two tables with a one-to-many relationship. On the "one" side we have accounts and on the "many" side we have cases. Since you apparently cannot create a layout without associating it with a table I chose accounts and what I'd like to do is display ALL cases in the cases table in a portal and filter it by a field value "open". 

     Fairly easy to do except that the only cases I see are the ones based on the underlying record in accounts. I want to see ALL the cases despite the account that are "open". I suspect I can do it with another table instance and a new relationship but I'm not sure what it maybe. I've tried another instance between Account and Cases (cases2) with the "x" in between (still not quire sure what that does but it helped me with a self join earlier). 

     Appreciate it if anybody could point me in the right direction...


     John Kostenbader