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Display most recent portal record when in Table view

Question asked by arronman on Feb 17, 2014
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Display most recent portal record when in Table view


     I have a portal set up (thanks to Philmodjunk) that displays data fields from multiple visits to shops. Works perfectly well.

     The original records were all created in "Table" with a separate record for each shop visit (including a Date field). I then imported these records into a new table called "Shops" using a unique ShopID field which automatically lists one version of each shop. The portal displays all the visits to each shop and works fine in FORM VIEW as intended.

     I need to be able to scroll through the shops in Table view so that it is easy to see the latest visit to each shop.

     However! only the first visit (date) is displayed in Table View. I tried reversing the Date Order sort in the portal, but as I expected, it made no difference.

     It's really important to be able to display a Table view to quickly reference the most recent visits.

     The end users use FileMaker Go and don't have many options to make a mess (so far so good), but the number of shop visits is getting very large (well over 1000) so it's extremely tedious to scroll through on an iPad.

     Hope you can help.