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    Display number values in FM 11 Charts?



      Display number values in FM 11 Charts?




      Has anyone discovered a trick to actually display the underlying values used for plotting the Y-axis?
      I can only show these individually as a tooltip, which is not very helpful.
      The best would be to have them appear on top of each bar when plotting a vertical bar chart, but other options are also possible.
      I tried various methods to make them appear on a new line under the X-axis labels, but any linefeed character inserted into the labels was ignored my the chart and it looked messy. Anyway, this would only have worked with a single dataseries.
      Would love to hear anyone's input on this.



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          I believe you are referring to 'Data Labels', and I would also like to know if there is any way to get these to display.  


          I have been tasked with converting Microsoft Graph Charts stored in Container Fields to the new FMP11 charts, and I am finding this new charting functionality quite lacking.  Our current container field charts have data labels, but the data is static and not related to data stored in the database in any way. Updating static information for 100+ charts is quite a chore, and dynamic charts would be really nice, but we might have to continue with the MS Graph Charts if data labels are not a feature of the FMP11 charts :(

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            Yes, I was reffering to data labels and I am in a similar situation. My client has been using FusionCharts, which show these labels nicely above each bar. He now wishes to utilize the new FM 11 charts for deplyoment reasons, and I would like to be able to offer him a similar functionality. It seems like a really basic feature, but it looks like it was omitted.

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              also would like this--any way to do it??