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Display of time calculation

Question asked by VictorWarner on May 18, 2015
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Display of time calculation


I am new to FileMakerPro. I have a field in a table which is a calculation. It sums the time of records in a second table. The calculation is correct (i.e. I am getting the correct summation of time), but the display of the calculation is not what I am expecting to see and I have tried to change the settings in Data Formatting in the Inspector, but these have no effect. 

For example: 

1. If the calculation is 00:10:54 (10 minutes and 54 seconds),

2. in one layout the calculation is shown as 10:54:00

3. in another it is shown as 654:00 and when I click inside the field, the display changes to 10:54:00.

Help with this would be very gratefully received.