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    Display of time calculation



      Display of time calculation


      I am new to FileMakerPro. I have a field in a table which is a calculation. It sums the time of records in a second table. The calculation is correct (i.e. I am getting the correct summation of time), but the display of the calculation is not what I am expecting to see and I have tried to change the settings in Data Formatting in the Inspector, but these have no effect. 

      For example: 

      1. If the calculation is 00:10:54 (10 minutes and 54 seconds),

      2. in one layout the calculation is shown as 10:54:00

      3. in another it is shown as 654:00 and when I click inside the field, the display changes to 10:54:00.

      Help with this would be very gratefully received.

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          For each field, depending on version, look inside the inspector, data tab, data formatting.  Click on the clock icon and make sure both fields are formatted to display the same way.  Obviously you have to do one at a time.

          I've see this happen with fields that are percents.  It shows 78.4%, but when you click in the field it shows .784

          You can also make sure your calculation only shows HHMMSS