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    Display one Field but store another



      Display one Field but store another


           I have two tables.  Jobs & States

           Jobs has information about jobs worked on.

           States has a fields (StateName, StateAbbreviation, TerritoryName, fkJobID)

           On the layout where I am keeping jobs information I used property inspector to "display data from" and chose State:StateName.

           There is a relationship from States to JobID where states can create records in jobs.

           I want the user to drop down and see the names of the states spelled out but then store the state abbreviation in the jobs field.

           I'm getting nothing in the jobs layout when click that field.

           Any thoughts?

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               You are using a field in States where you should be using a field from Jobs.

               If this is your relationship:


               Jobs::StateAbbreviation = States::SateAbbreviation

               You can set up Jobs::StateAbbreviation as a popup menu of States. In Manage | Value LIsts, you'd set up this value list to list values from StateAbbreviation in Field 1 and StateName in field 2. You'd select the option to hide field 1. Then, when you click on this field, you will see the state names in order to select from them, but the value list will enter the abbreviation into the field. With these settings for a pop up menu, the state name will still be displayed in the field when you exit the field.

               The same result can be accomplished with a drop down list, but it takes more work to set up.

               And if you want to be able to auto-complete on the full state name, it takes yet another approach to set up.