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    Display part of employee #



      Display part of employee #


      I want to "hide" the first 3 digits of the 9 digit employee number in the user data entry form. How would I go about doing that; it's a calculation, just not sure how to do it. Thanks for your help.

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          "XXX" & Right ( EmployeeNumber ; 6 )

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            Thank you so much for your help.

            I am getting an error on this:

             Filter(SS No; "1234567890") (eliminating the dash in the format)
            "XXX" & Right(SS No; 6) (Masking the first 3 digits)

            Should I have something in front of the second format like filter? Error is "An Operator is expected here"

            Thanks so much

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              This is a calculation and you can't just list different expressions without an operator in between. In this case, you should either use the Let function or nest one function call inside of the other:

              "XXX" & Right(Filter ( SS No; "1234567890" ) )

              And I would strongly recommend that you:

              a) not use an SSN as your employee number. Use and auto-entered serial number defined in your employee table instead. Between data entry errors and undocumented immigrants that use someone else's SSN, you can't guarantee that an SSN will always be unique.

              b) encrypt SSN data--either by encrypting the file or by encrypting the contents of this one field. FileMaker 13 and later can encrypt an entire file while there plug ins that can encrypt/decrypt data in a specific field.

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                I have brought up this concern to the client, I don't feel comfortable at all using the SS# but that is how they are set up in Quick Books, the accounting software they use for payroll.

                That being said, I tried the ""XXX" & Right(Filter ( SS No; "1234567890" ) )" and am getting a "there are too few parameters in this function". Thanks for your help with this. I do so appreciate not only the wisdom but the all that I am learning as well. I have always been an MS Access user but am really liking Filemaker a lot.

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                  "XXX" & Right(Filter ( SS No; "1234567890" ) ; 6 )

                  With regards to your client. If I were you, I'd consider carefully writing up a document spelling out the security concerns and asking them to sign it so that you can put that copy in your files in case an employee suffers identity theft and sues the company for damages. That way, the client can't successfully sue you for unsafe procedures that you advised against.

                  And just because you have an SSN field in your database, does not mean that you have to use it as the primary key to link records in relationships. Like all client mandated keys that fall short of being an ideal primary key,  you can set up a field to store the data so that it can be used where needed on layouts and in finds/sorts, but you then use an internally generated Primary Key as the actual key for linking tables in relationships. This is something that can be 100% invisible to the end user.