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Display pdf file in a container field from another table

Question asked by ienalpe28 on Jun 25, 2014
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Display pdf file in a container field from another table


Hi Guys
     Here is my scenario
     I have 2 tables one is Committee and the other one is Library. The Library table consist of title, origin, id number and document which is a container field. I want to show PDF file from Library table to display in Committee table by entering the id number of the record which has the PDF file in the form layout of the Committee.
     So for example a record from Library table with a id number 0123 that have this pdf file displayed in the container field.
     When I go to the Committee table form view that has this input field and a container field below. If I enter id number "0123" in the input field the pdf file of the id number "0123" will appear in the container field below. I hope you get what I am trying to explain. I've been working on this for days but can't get it to work.

     By the way the purpose of this is to eliminate duplicate copy or duplicate insertion of pdf file. It's like a certain record from committee form view has a link to the pdf file that is viewable via container field to a certain record from library that has the pdf file.

Will appreciate your help. Thanks in advance :)