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    Display Record Count



      Display Record Count


      I have a database that will have the status bar hidden when users login.  I would like it to still display the Total records in database.  I know there is a way using the Count () function, but I'm having trouble getting it to work.  I was thinking you cannot have a table count itself so I tried doing a self join and create a calc field in the join table to count the original table's id field, but all it returns is 1.  What am I doing wrong?

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          You can create a calculation (result is text) and make it unstored in Options with:  Get ( TotalRecordCount)


          And you can get a bit fancier with something like:


          "Record " & Get ( RecordNumber ) & " of " & Get ( FoundCount ) & Case ( Get ( FoundCount ) = Get ( TotalRecordCount ) ; " Total" ; " Found" )


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            AWESOME!!  That's exactly what I needed.  Guess I was trying to complicate things using a self join table.


            Thanks for your help!