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Display Record Count -- refinement question

Question asked by carolyn on Aug 4, 2010


Display Record Count -- refinement question


Hi All,

Because I need to hide the status bar, I am creating custom buttons and merge fields on my layouts.  To obtain the total record Count and found count I created an unstored calc field with the result of text as specified in earlier posts. I displayed this info on the layout in a merge field. This is all working fine.

I am a big believer in using generic code, buttons and merge fields that can just be copied and pasted to different layouts.  To my surprise, when I copied the merge field containing the record counts it worked perfectly when the current table was related in some way to the table that contained the calculation fields.

Question: For organizational purposes, I would have like to create the calc fields in a generic table from which all tables would draw this data; however, the calc flelds only generated the correct information when the current table was related to the table containing the calc fields.  So my thought was I would locate these calc fields in a table which is related to most  of the tables in some way. And address the layouts with unrelated tables separately.  Is this a sound approach?  Is there something better that I am missing. Any comments are welcome.