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    Display records in Portal



      Display records in Portal


           I have 3 related tables.

           Table1 has a portal to show related records from Table2.

           Table3 holds IDs and person names.

           On Table2 I select a person name from Table3 thru a popup box with a value list of IDs and show second field as person name.

           When I make the portal in Table1 I want the person name and not the ID number .

           How do I get the related record from Table3?


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               If you have a portal to Insignia_Instance on your Insignia layout, you can add any fields that you need from Person to the portal row and they will display information from the selected person once you have selected that record in the __kf_PersonID field.

               Alternatively, if you fomrat the __kf_PersonID field as a popup menu and set up your value list to only show values from the second field, you should see the name from Person appear automatically in the field when you exit the field.