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    Display remote images



      Display remote images


           Hello everyone.

           I have a folder with few images (a.gif, b.gif and so on) and I wish to display for each record the image having the name of the value in the 'level' field (the field is a menu including only the avaialble images) but I have hard time trying to achieve so.

           The database is served thourgh FM Server 9 using IWP.


           Unfortunately I can't find anything about this online.

           Can anyone point me in the right direction?  


           Thanks and have a nice day.


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               I think this info also works with FileMaker 9 like it does for versions 10 and 11...

               If you check the PDF you can open from FileMaker Help named "Instant Web Publishing Guide", it will identify a specific folder where you can place your images. Then you can insert the images from that folder into your container fields with the "store a reference" option and they will be visible to your web browser based clients.

               You can also insert the images without the "store a reference" option and then you do not need to put the images in this folder. This will, however, produce a much larger database file if you have a lot of images to insert.

               Either way, you can then set up a related table of image records where the level field is one of the match fields in the relationship and thus will control which related record supplies an image to your layout.

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                 After reading the guide I found only this



            Images can either be stored inside the database itself or, for best performance, linked to a file using a relative path. If you’re hosting the database with FileMaker Pro, referenced image and movie files must be stored in the Web folder, in the FileMaker Pro folder.

            However I use FileMaker Server (and not FileMaker Pro) to host my databses and the Web folder does not exist.



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                   The folder is still there as part of the server install as far as I know, but you do not need to use that option if you embed the files (you said you "had a few images"), instead of using the "store a reference" option.