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Display report in a matrix style - Drawing register

Question asked by IanDouglas on Apr 9, 2012
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Display report in a matrix style - Drawing register



I hope this is the right place to post.

I've got a database for storage details of drawings which we produce for individual projects and various related tables which allow details of revisions to be stored together with when sets of drawings are issued to clients and other members of the design team. The tables are basically as follows:

Projects > Drawings > Drawing Revisions

Projects> Issue Sheets > Issued drawings (Based on the Drawing Revisions)

Drawings Issued to > Issue Sheets

This all works fine and allows me to produce individual drawing issue sheets which lists the drawings I have issued to a set of clients on a particulat occasion. What I need hower is as follows:

A report which is based on the project which will list all the drawings on the lft hand side as a vertical list. There are then a series of vertical columns which relate to each drawing issue with a date at the top and the drawing revision letter against each drawing that was included in that drawing issue.

I essentally need a table where the rows could contain anything from 1 to 100+ items and the columns being the line items relating to the drawing issues with a date when any/ all or some of the drawings were issued.

I hope I've explained this enough and someone might be able to help.

I've attached a file which should help explain what I'm trying to achieve.

Any queries, I'll be pleased to clarify the above.

Many thanks,