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Display search variable

Question asked by mark_d2x on Sep 2, 2009
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Display search variable


Hi there,


I am  having a problem with a report I am trying to generate for viewing, printing or PDFing.


What I have done is set up a several scripts that work fine, however what I would like to do is include a dialogue box that asks for a date, then uses that date on the layout as text and I am struggling with finding what I need to do.


so this is what I need to happen:


User clicks on button


Script starts


Dialogue box opens get the date


The script then continues with the search and the sort using the date entered on the layout as text.


The report is generated to either view or auto print or save as PDF (depending on the script).


The date is only text for a forthcoming meeting and therefore there are no records for that date in the database.