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Display Self Join Hierarchy

Question asked by MarkHarrison on Aug 10, 2014
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Display Self Join Hierarchy


     I have a database of keywords I use to identify my photographs. (I've asked different questions about it before.) I have created self-join relationships so that a keyword can act as a "superclass" for subordinate keywords (e.g. locations:recreational:parks:state parks).

     My relationships seem to be established fine. I have successfully created a portal that will show all terms immediately subordinate to the term in the current record, and I have a field that will display the immediate parent term to the current term. What I cannot figure out is how to display the hierarchy of terms going back to the original parent term. Showing subordinate terms is easy because each is only one step removed and there is a clear one-to-many relationship from the subordinates to the current term. But going the other way mean going from one level of parent term to the next and so there are multiple parent terms.

     Since the relationships exist to support showing both all subordinates and the one immediate parent, is it possible to create a portal (or some other option) to display the full hierarchy? Would it be able to do so in hierarchical order?

     I am attaching here the relationships graph. I noticed that it shows the relationships with the superclass being the many side. I tried to figure out why and tried (in a copy of the database) to switch it around, but FileMaker insists on it working the way it is, and, well, it is working for what I've done so far. I'll add a comment in moment with the browse window.