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    Display Static, Unrelated Data



      Display Static, Unrelated Data


      One thing I am trying to do in an application I am finishing for legislative tracking, is to be able to display static, unrelated data (best way I can describe it).

      Basically, I will have an assistant updating, on a daily basis, what times the House and Senate will be on the floor.  These times will be  pretty useful for the users, and I was hoping to just have it display at the top of several forms - just to be able to quickly see it.  The problem is I am really only needing a table with four fields and one row (e.g. House Date, Senate Date, House Time, Senate Time).  This row will be updated via a simple layout each morning.

      I can't figure out how to get this data to display at the top of the layouts.  As it is really just a holding bin, it isn't related to any other table.  I don't want to edit the layouts every day.  Any good ideas?  Thanks!

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          hi mike,

          if i understand correctly what you are trying to do, it's actually quite easy.  all you need to do is make those 4 fields into global fields and you can display the information in them on any layout without creating relationships.  they could be in their own table as you suggested, or in any other table.  you then just need to add those fields to the top of each layout where you want them to appear.  it would probably be a good idea for you to make those fields un-enterable in browse mode so that other users cannot inadvertently change them.  hope that is helpful.

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            To expand on that excellent suggestion, you can add a table for this data and use a script set to run each time that the file opens to copy the data from this table into the global fields johnhorner has suggested. That way you can set these values in the table and each client that opens the database will see the data that was current in these two records at the time they opened the file.

            If this is data that could change at any time and all users need to see the up to the second version of it, then don't use global fields for this, use a table and link it to all layouts with the cartesian join operator (X).