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display text instead of serial number in layout

Question asked by bhoutman on Jul 14, 2009
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display text instead of serial number in layout


I'm very new to FileMaker (using FileMaker Pro 10 right now), and I'm trying to create a FileMaker frunt end for a MySQL database that also already has an Access front end. I understand how to create a value list from a field from a related table and how to create a drop-down list control, but I would like the control to display the text (for example, the name of the Vendor) instead of the Serial Number (Vendor_ID) which the tables are related on. I would also like it if my users could type in the name to select it, and not have to click it with the mouse once they arrive at the correct name. Right now, attempting to leave the field after typing the correct name returns an error that the field is defined to contain numeric values only.


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