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Display three dates either side - Portal filter?

Question asked by MarkOrmesher on Jun 1, 2014
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Display three dates either side - Portal filter?




     Sorry Noobie here...

     I have a requirement to show events on a given date and those three dates either side.

     What I have so far is a table with "Date" global field, then fields of Date-1, Date-2, Date-3 and Date+1, Date+2, Date+3 as calculation fields that use the Date field as the date then subtract the relevant amount of days.

     That's OK....

     So I have a simple Portal setup so Date controls the records shown below, but I'm having an issue in adding the other portals for the other dates.

     Am I using the correct method with calculated fileds/global field?


     I guess what I'm trying to do is create seven portals on one screen driven from seven seperate date fields. It seems like it should be simple, but I'm having difficulty seeing how I can make this happen.


     Any help at all will be helpful!