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    display windows



      display windows


      hi i need open a new windows without close my current windows and without rezise this.


      for example i did a script in my scrip i put

      new windows

      go to layout,...

      adjust windouws 300 x 400

      but my last windows was in maximaze size and this chance like my current windows

      any option to appear windows without my principal windows chance.

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          You cannot keep maximized windows from changing when you open a new window. You can, however, minimize the size change keeping the original windows at the largest possible size to fit inside the application window that appears when you create the new window.

          Use Select window  to select the original window

          Then use adjust windows to set the window dimensions back out to the largest possible sizes. get ( Screenheight ) and get ( ScreenWidth ) can be used to get the maximum height and width of your original window.

          You can find examples of this technique in the scripts that open new windows in the Known Bugs List database.