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    Display within the same window



      Display within the same window


      Is there a way to use the same window for a layout being called from an external database file?  I am currently using FMP9.


      I have a student database linked to the Tests database and when I call the report for the specific student from the Tests, the report gets all the related records for the student but opens a new window, this is what I would like to prevent.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?


      Thank you in advance,



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             most likely the option to open a new window in the Go to Related Records step has been checked. Or perhaps it is calling another file. I dont not know enough about your structure.
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            Thank you for your response...


            I do not have "Show in new window" Result option set in the Go to Related records step.  Yes it is call another file, I believe that is why it's opening to another window.  My structure is, I have a Student database with many tables, one table, StudentDetails needs to link to another table in the external ExpressiveTest database.  I have a relationship between the two database files/table matching on StudentID.  I hope this helps...