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Displaying a Base64 image

Question asked by grinch on May 23, 2009
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Displaying a Base64 image


Hi Guys,


 I have just started working on my next project.  I haven't even gotten passed the research stage yet and I have run into a snag.  I will be receiving a base64 encoded GIF from as part of an XML response.  I will somehow need to decode it and display it on a layout and eventually print it.


I have a few ideas, but nothing seems to elegant.  I have seen PHP scripts that will decode a base64 image, and I could use one of the php plugins to execute the php code to decode the image.  I also know that FireFox can display a base64 encoded image using the following tag <img src="data:image/GIF;base64,  DATA HERE">  Filmmakers web browser technology may also be able to do it.


Any body else have an idea?  It feels like I always come up with solutions that are way to complicated.  There often is a way easier solution that I miss.