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Displaying a calculated time field with 'Hour's and 'minutes'

Question asked by Rayban on Oct 22, 2009
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Displaying a calculated time field with 'Hour's and 'minutes'


I'm working in Filemaker 10 on a simple timesheet. I've got a calculated field which adds up the sub totals of line time entries (i.e. someone enters a start and a stop time for various tasks during the day - a calculation works out the time for each event and then the field in question adds all these sub totals up).


It's all working fine except it's showing it as e.g. 25:20 and I would like it to display as a more user friendly '25 hours 20 minutes'.


I tried using the help on the Http:// page 'Elapsed Time Calculation Sampler'


TimeAsText1b (Calculation, Text result) = 

Hour (ElapsedRawTime) & (If (Hour (ElapsedRawTime) = 1, " hour, ", " hours, ")) & Minute (ElapsedRawTime) & (If (Minute (ElapsedRawTime) = 1, " minute ", " minutes "))


I've deleted the first line and swapped out 'ElapsedRawTime' for my field but it keeps returning an error message at the comma after the first "1" - I realise the above help page is for older versions of FM. Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong with this? 


Many thanks