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Displaying a Calendar type report (Layout)

Question asked by Skids on Dec 28, 2008
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Displaying a Calendar type report (Layout)


Hi,  I am new to Filemaker and I am thinking of transferring data from a RealBAsic Database application into Filemaker.  I need help with the creation of a timesheet report which will display a calendar view of a whole month's worth of timebookings grouped into weeks.  The data table records the hours worked on each day except those where no work was completed. Using October 2008 as an example the first week of the report would display the following:

Date                     days 

Monday 29 Sept 08   0

Tuesday 30 Sep 08   0

Wednesday 1 Oct 08 1 

Thursday 2nd Oct 08 0.5

Friday 3rd Oct 08     1

Saturday 4th Oct 08  0

Sunday 5th Oct 08    0


and so on through the month.  At present I am able to produce a list of time bookings but I don't see how I place days that have no time booked onto the layout as they have no records. 


I have a couple of ideas:  first I could pad my time bookings table with days that have zero time worked entries which seems a little clumsy or perhaps I could build the weekly portions as text strings from within a script and paste the text to a global text field if the script system allows it.


At present I only have access to an old copy of FM Pro version 5.5.  If I can work out the general concepts I will purchase a newer version which I guess is more OS X ish. 


Any ideas as to the best way to solve this problem?


best wishes