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Displaying a found record multiple times

Question asked by rsmcomputer on Aug 12, 2009
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Displaying a found record multiple times


I have a database that consists of job records, many with a job that spans several days.  In these multiple day jobs, the records list each day involved (i.e. 8/11/2009, 8/14/2009, 8/24/2009).  I would like to do a find based on a range of dates (8/11/2009...8/24/2009) that returns a list of job records for each day.  But, my finds only return the first occurance of each job, not each occurance as I need.  I've tried setting up the job day field as a repeating field (this works for finding all jobs on a single day find) or creating separate fields (day1, day2...), with neither seeming to work.  How can I display a list of jobs by a range of dates and include each instance in a list?